Prose, both in its fictional and nonfictional forms, has often been used to explore and describe the world. The following pieces specifically capture issues of the present through the unique voices of the authors.



You Picked Honeysuckles on a Cloudless Day by Paul McCue

“What was that smell, the one that tickled the memories at the back of your mind?”



Cereal for Dinner by Erin McClamroch

“There is something relaxing about pouring just the right amount of cereal into a bowl and then accompanying that with just that with just the right amount of milk to suit your crunchy or soggy needs.”


Home by Nik Shier

“I had thought Mom was mean when she yelled at us to stay out of the house, feet from our tent, where my grandparents and young aunts slept and washed comfortably.”


Section 60 by Richard Williams

“In any view of Arlington, a visitor is overwhelmed by hundreds of orderly ranks of white stones, representing thousands of fallen heroes.”


Changing Culture by Susan Williams

“We would do well to consider Christ’s command to be that good neighbor who seeks to reach out to others with help and love, rather than stand idly by and say that people are happy with things as they are within their current cultural situation.”