As one of the newest forms of discourse, electronic literature exemplifies the “now” in and of itself, as authors continue to experiment with unique and different ways to showcase their voice.


Blackwater by Paul Keily

“Blackwater Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful place, especially in the fall. I sat in the tree stand and watched yellow leaves swirl in nearly opaque tornadoes.”   


Being Coded by Shannon Swanson 

“You don’t want to hurt her, but at the same time, her grip on your shirt is becoming stronger and her face is moving closer to your neck. In a moment of purely adrenaline fueled terror, you fling your palm up to her nose.”

 Audio Call by Brittany Vitner

“And in the naked light I saw… ten thousand people, maybe more… please talking without speaking… people hearing without listening… people writing songs that voices never share… and no one dared… disturb the sound… of silence…”