Is something bugging you? Got a gripe? A rant?

Isn’t it about time you spoke up?

A “bout” is a measure of time, an interval measuring flurries of activity, frenetic and excited. Of course, the word nowadays also evokes a shortening of “about,” and that is exactly what we aim to be–about the now.

So what do we mean by “Bout Now”?

We mean exactly that. It could be things that are topical: current events, homelessness, war, politics, social commentary, etc. or things that are timeless but are perceived differently as years go by: love, sex, marriage, performance, music–essentially anything involving the human condition of today.

Thus, whether through prose, poetry, photography, or alternative forms of narrative, Bout Now strives to explore those pieces that provide a unique or distinct perspective on culture, political or social concerns, or the daily activities that would otherwise seemm ordinary.

What we are not is a journal focused on the past or future; we focus on what is present and current. With our journal we hope to show, in subsequent issues, the natural change in thought and approach to everyday life and the human condition. A non-profit organization, we are a student-run literary journal operating out of the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.