To our readers,

We are fortunate to live in a world where modern conveniences and medicine continue to improve; where there are new breakthroughs in science and technology every year.  Yet, for every person now able to have a prolonged lifespan, for every person able to enjoy the comforts our modern age can provide, countless others still face the age old issues that have confronted our world for thousands of years.

Like those who lived long before us, the themes of life, death, war, peace, love, and family continue to persist. Politics, culture, society, and the environment are still current topics. None of these are novel issues, but the ways in which we approach and experience them is.

May 3rd, 2012 marks the unveiling of our inaugural issue of Bout Now. The long process of creating this online literary journal began in January and presented many interesting but often fun challenges. One of our first hurdles came with trying to decide on a focus for our journal, particularly as we all come from different backgrounds and have a variety of tastes. However, as you can read in our mission statement, we chose to focus on the present because it not only incorporates every possible genre and theme, it also provides a unique point of view.

As we began receiving submissions, we read and studied each one carefully, often engaging in lively discussions. The selection process was difficult at times, particularly as we received many well-written submissions. We wish we could have published them all, but space prevents us from doing so. Within the site, however, we have published a wide variety of pieces in different genres to provide our readers with examples of just some of the many diverse perspectives on various topics that exist in our world today.  Our poetry and prose selections use form and language, whether through convention or experimentation, to delve into a wide variety of current themes, ranging from homosexuality to a developing country’s changing culture. Our different photographers have captured moments illustrating our varied world, from little Parisian children on a field trip to people protesting the death of Trayvon Martin. And finally, our electronic literature contributors have taken this new form of writing and explored themes of family, as well as science and technology.

We hope you enjoy the varied selection of the first issue of this literary journal as much as we have.

Happy viewing,
The Editors at Bout Now.