Electronic literature, or “e-lit,” is one of the newest forms of literature to appear on the scene. Separate from ebooks accessed on Kindles and Nooks, electronic literature is defined as a piece that is born digitally and can only be accessed digitally. These works are built on platforms such as Inform, Twine and Gamemaker.

“Audio Call” by Brittany Vitner was built using the platform Twine, which is a program that links pages together by certain words. Often each page will have more than one link, and each particular link will take the reader down a different path. For Brittany’s piece, the plot begins to unwind the moment the reader decides whether or not to pick up the call.

E-lit has been given little appreciation for its literary content since its development. Brittany’s piece combines the intricate plot of a well-written short story with the interactivity of a game. We are featuring her not because she has created a terrific e-lit piece, but because she has created a terrific piece of literature.

Take a look at “Audio Call” or at the rest of the e-lit.